The Peterborough Cathedral Development & Preservation Trust

"Our aim is to support the development and preservation of Peterborough Cathedral and secure it's future by raising funds to help develop the mission, ministry and music and to ensure the preservation of its ancient and historic buildings for generations to come. On behalf of the Trustees of Peterborough Cathedral, I would like to sincerely thank all of our past, present and future donors for their contributions" - Peter Lawson DL, Chairman.

Ways to Contribute

There are two primary campaigns that you can join to become regular supporters of our mission to preserve the Cathedral. These are Peterborough 900 and the Company of St Peter. We would invite corporate sponsors to join our Peterborough 900 campaign and individuals to become a member of the Company of St Peter.

Should you wish to make an ad-hoc donation, please click the button below to see the ways that you can contribute.

Peterborough 900 Campaign

The Peterborough 900 campaign is the name given to the primary corporate membership and donations from local industry, companies and commercial supporters of the Cathedral.

The Company of St. Peter

Members of the Company are indiviuals who wish to give support to the development of the Cathedrals ministry, music or fabric as well as to support the larger projects of the Cathedral.